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I have an interesting relationship with writing. Even though I don't write sometimes for months, whenever I sit down to write eventually, I can write for months on end until the satisfactory result has been achieved. I just ask and I receive. Perhaps generating new and original ideas is one of my strongest attributes. 

You are welcome to order anything from an idea to a finished and polished script. I cooperate with Hollywood's top script doctors and a good quality result is always guaranteed. 

I have written three scripts ready for production, a family novel, a poetry collection and lyrics for my own songs on my numerous albums.

Novel "Nora"

A lovely girl, beset with tragedy over the loss of her brother, befriends a benevolent Alien Boy, which turns out to be a fatal challenge for her parents.

After running about ten yards, she stopped and looked back at her home. She knew that her father would definitely not approve of this. And she felt afraid, but as soon as the strange sound reached her ears, she gained the courage to keep going. A bluish-green light was glowing behind the forest and Nora knew that something real was waiting for her there – something she had been yearning for all her life.

The book is inspired by my children and my own life events. I invite you to meet Nora and her friend, an Alien boy. Like the main character Nora, I have always dreamt of freedom and a happy life. I want you to find your dream as well if it hasn't happened yet and I want you to do only what you love and be happy and content with yourself. Nora will take you on a journey where a girl's sincere dream to travel to the cosmos meets with her parents' rigid notions, her own doubts and finally obstacles that scare her to death. But Nora doesn't give up, going after her dream through hell and high water, bringing liberation and understanding also to her dear parents. "Nora" is a book for every child and adolescent who yearns for thrill, adventure, overflowing fantasy and warmth of the heart. This book is for every mother and father who wants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their children. It is certainly for every soul who needs faith, hope and love. Free soul Nora shows the way. 

Nora book in English will be available soon.

Film screenplays


"Finding the Moment"



My poems have been recorded as an audio book "Reflections on Peace of Mind". 

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