Spiritual consulting

I have been engaged in different spiritual practices like Yoga, Rebirthing Breathwork, Firewalking, Reiki, Meditation and Lightbody Activation for 20 years. The latter is a human soul's conscious step to the level of Mastery. On this level a human being achieves freedom from suffering and is connected to his True Self. He becomes a conscious co-creator in accordance with his Higer Self and humanity as a whole.


Very often one of the biggest problems people face can be that there is no one to listen to them unconditionally. Someone, who knows how to listen without criticizing eagerly or even teaching. Everything necessary for healing is within every single person. Sometimes just a loving person's proximity, whose understanding and loving soul listens to them and "awakens" with their presence, is required.


But sometimes clear spiritual guidance is required in order to untangle the relevant problems and give life the right direction. 

There are many cases where a psychologist cannot help simply because the knowledge-based approach is incapable of reaching deep into the causes of the wounds of the soul. In those cases a therapist's help who knows and understands the human soul is needed. Every single physical and mental problem has its psychological and soulful reasons. And in order to recognize and heal them we often need strong energetic changes. 

If you feel that my being and writings resonate with you and you need some soul help, then please get in contact with me. If you really want to change yourself and your life and are ready to take the necessary steps, you can write to me.


Los Angeles, California
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