My film works

During the last 7 years I have written, directed and produced four music videos, a documentary, four short films and written three feature screenplays.

Currently I am in the process of financing my first feature film.


2019 Short film - "Liberation"

2017 Short film - "Against their will"

2014 Short film - "Alien's Sister"

2013 Short film - "Tulnuka õde"

2012 Documentary - "The Answer"

Directing Reel 2019

This is a montage of all the works I have done.

Rehearsal scene from upcoming feature film "Finding the Moment" 2018

Against Their Will (Peale surutud) 2018

Short film

Girl with a passion for singing fights for her freedom against the school system.

Meeting the Alien boy scene (2015)

Rehearsal shooting

Alien's Sister (2014)

Pilot project

A lovely girl, beset with tragedy over the loss of her brother, befriends a benevolent Alien Boy which turns out to be a challenge for her parents.

Tulnuka Õde (2013)

Pilot project

The Answer (2012)​

Margus Aru's documentary "The Answer". A film about the journey and dreams, their shattering and rising from the ashes, about the truth, freedom and love. 

Los Angeles, California
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