Lightbody activation - Galaxial Infusion

Galaxial Infusion is the alignment and activation of the axiatonal lines. Human merges with the divine perfectly through cosmic law.

As part of your being, there is a subtle grid of light, subtler than the acupuncture grid, and crystalline in nature. Its points and lines are directly connected to the stars in heaven and to the earth energy grid. The lines forming this grid are known as the axiatonal lines. The grid is also referred to as the grid of ascension.

The Galaxial Infusion's effect is to dissolve the veils that keep the light body and the acupuncture body's grids separated. They are brought to interface again as they were in the beginning of time. As the grids align, the light body illuminates the acupuncture body which in turn further lights up the physical body. The physical body embarks on a journey of renewal and rejuvenation.

The physical form now can begin to fulfill its true purpose as the meeting place of heaven and earth, where the Human merges with the Divine. The being, you, aligns with the light of spirit, remembering its divine origin and purpose.

The Galaxial Infusion is addressed to all the beings who through their own guidance and spiritual evolution have reached the point of moving from third/fourth dimensional level of experience to the fifth, which is the level of mastery. Galaxial Infusion is carried out in a group but it is still a very personal experience. It happens once in a lifetime. You are invited to participate actively. It is a living consecration. It is a real invitation targeted to the Holy Spirit to abound throughout all your being and to let him  guide you in your life. The Galaxial Infusion will intensify all that you are.

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