Healing work

I teach the techniques of spiritual purification known as Rebirthing Breathwork, fire practice, firewalking and holistic lifestyle, the purpose of which is to help people reach the recognition of their own divinity. I also teach light body activation, which is the bridging of the human state of consciousness with divine consciousness, one in transition process.


Spiritual purification as a lifestyle.


A person’s life is happy or unhappy because of his/her attitudes toward life. Happiness and satisfaction are the same in my opinion. Above all, we have to be happy with ourselves, because we can distance ourselves from other people or situations when we are not satisfied with them, but we can’t hide anywhere from ourselves. I don’t mean the temporary, addictive satisfaction that comes from fulfillment of certain conditions. For example, I am satisfied when I have a job and income, a wife and children, a house and car, a perfect body and respect in society, or any transient achievement. It is good when we have all these things and much more. But they don’t guarantee us a constant state of happiness as they all are ephemeral. They disappear sooner or later and if our happiness is built upon these transient life phenomena then our happiness and satisfaction are also transient. Therefore something constant and indestructible that we can rely on needs to be found in order for us to be constantly happy with ourselves. And this is our inherent Divinity. This is internal, this is immortal and this is our true nature, which is by itself the source of happiness. Actually this is blissfulness, which is incomparable. Then logically the next question arises: how can I attain my self-divinity when it is lost? Fortunately, humankind has  enough pioneers who have attained perfect self-fulfillment and constant blissfulness. Many different teachings come from them and we mostly reach our own aim when we follow them. All these teachings are good in their own way because they enable us to reach the state of happiness. Secret teachings have been divided into two divisions throughout time. We can call them the speedy way and the slow way. Practitioners of the speedy way strove for release during one, present life. At the same time the practitioners of the slow route step toward salvation through lives that were necessary for that. At this present moment, the planet Earth, together with its inhabitants, is transiting through a resurrection process and we have an option to choose resurrection in our present life. It is shown by the fact that almost all secret teachings and all spiritual practices are public and given to humans for practicing.

So the prerequisite for success is strength of purpose, in whatever area. Dedication. Without dedication results are limited. Thus we have to dedicate ourselves to spiritual self-fulfillment to reach this state. Practice promotes strength. One becomes a master through practicing. Practicing should become a lifestyle. It is not enough to run from seminar to seminar or to visit holy places and gather crumbs sitting at the feet of enlightened persons if we haven’t chosen the necessary lifestyle every day. Different teachings are good in order to find one’s own way and then to dedicate to this.

We firstly have to bring into consciousness that which blocks our own divinity, then, in order to attain it. Our inherent divinity isn’t something we have to do. It has existed from the beginning of time. We ourselves are this divine self, pure spirit, but due to lack of experience we have identified ourselves with our earthly vehicle – our body, emotions and thoughts in our development process on earth. Thus the solution is purification of our consciousness of identification with our earthly vehicle. We have to let go of our earthly, emotional and mental acquisition and strive to awaken our inherent divinity. It doesn’t mean that we have to live in poverty or that we have to be humans without feelings and thinking. We have to reach the knowledge of ourselves and from this point we can create the reality that we truly need in our souls without clinging. It is cooperation with source. It means bringing heaven to earth.

The easiest and most functional route for me is to live in harmony with nature – earth, fire, water and air. To live in harmony with earth means healthy nutrition or vegetarian food and physical training. To live in harmony with fire means being near to living fire every day and to walk on hot coals. Living in harmony with water means swimming in a pool or body of water once or twice a day, together with breathing practices and drinking pure water. Living in harmony with air means performance of breathing practices, for example practicing releasing breathwork. In addition to this we need to add conscious thinking or shaping our thinking consciously, meditating and creating loving relationships with people in everyday life, also with nature and the entirety of existence. Sometimes it is good to spend time with enlightened people. It is good to spend a lot of time in nature.

And all this should become a lifestyle. In the morning I observe my first thoughts and I create a consciously beautiful beginning to my day. I bless my day and all my doings, I ask guidance from Higher Source. Then I do some exercises, and from half an hour to one hour I do breathing in the bath. I eat healthy and as much as I need and I do sports every day. I do what I love and I abandon everything that harasses me. I concentrate on love when I communicate with people, which is their and my true nature. I practice conscious thinking. In the evening when I have finished communication I do purifying breathing in the bath and I meditate beside the fire. This ensures me calm sleep. This is purification of my soul space.

We get to know how all this works out when we have lived life like this. And we have attained satisfaction with who we are, independent happiness and, as a result, satisfying relationships, employment and other great possibilities can come into our lives.


All souls reach eternity sooner or later.

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