The fear of being burned by the fire is the same fear that doesn`t let us to fulfill our life purposes. The one who has overcome the fear while walking on fire, carries this experience to everyday life and can change his/her old ways of behaviour and shape his/her own life.

Everything affected by fire changes.  Firewalking can be beautiful experience and bring along deep physical, emotional and spiritual changes. It can be the first step to change a life.

Fears are repressed or we have let ourselves to cripple by them in everyday life. It is simply taught to acknowledge the fear, to comprehend the message of fear and to act according to our own purposes in the seminars of firewalking.

Participants have to decide by themselves whether they walk on fire or not. Everyone is responsible for himself/herself. One acknowledges that he/she is responsible for his/her life in every moment and he/she is not a helpless victim of external circumstances if he/she has walked on hot coals.

Previous experience that fire always burns loses its validity. Participants experience that they are able to do things that they have considered impossible previously. Therefore they are ready to do deceptive impossible things regardless of their fears, doubts, opinions and experiences. Impossible has become possible apparently and then new understanding about our limits, capabilities and incapabilities arises. We can rely on this experience every time we need strength, energy and self-confidence.

The firewalker confronts his/her fears and understandings about him/herself and his/her life when he/she contacts with fire. He/she discovers his/her illusions and experiences forcefully and gladly who he/she really is.

Participant experiences that he/she is not the victim of external circumstances but his/her life is in his/her hands.  Therefore he/she takes the responsibility for his/her life. Participant discovers that he/she is not only the victim of matter or destiny. He/she experiences that he/she is the spirit who shapes the matter.

Usually great amount of one`s energy and strength for life is bonded by fears. They don`t trust to be in a way they are. They are afraid of other people's reactions and getting hurt. Experience that even the fire doesn`t hurt, releases the energy that couldn`t break out until now. After this all participants discover that after all the fear isn`t anything else but the energy and this energy can be turned to one favor. For example one can concentrate the mind on the present moment, let the energy to flow enjoyably and act forcefully.

Participants acquire necessary energy to achieve their goals, concentration, decidedness and self-confidence when walking on fire. Fellow feeling arises when participants prepare commonly and experience intensively and together walking on fire.

Being a witness to others fire walking gives also an effect. In conscious firewalking firewalker is totally conscious that he/she is walking on glowing coals but it doesn`t interfere him/her. He/she makes conscious decision to walk on fire without getting hurt. He/she feels the hot coals under his/her feet and its heat during the fire walking. This form of firewalking is the most effective because it is not about the fact of fire walking (there is no need for this in everyday life) but the transference of the experience into everyday life. It is suggested to solve problems in getting conscious of them in everyday life.


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