Rebirthing Breathwork



During the last 45 years a body therapy method has been developed called Rebirthing Breathwork, or conscious breathing (rebirthing). This method is based on different breathing techniques that among other things enable a person to relive his/her birth experience in order to release stuck breathing patterns originating in the birth process. Rebirthing is among other things one option for treating birth trauma, which many newborns have experienced due to the parents’ lack of consciousness.  Birth stress is one of these base traumas, which blocks our life energy, impedes our development and creates many misunderstandings and fears.

Birth as a concept can be carried over to our daily life as there is nothing static in this world – our thoughts, behavior and decisions are in constant change and therefore every new day can be seen as a new opportunity, rebirth. The creator and developer of this method is American Leonard Orr. He came up with the idea that deep, contiguous breathing helps us to get contact with our deep nature.The work initiated by Orr has been developed by others and different nuances have been added. The comprehension that conscious breathing is a powerful tool to open oneself to dimensional consciousness and to feel deeply into oneself, the world and one’s cognition has remained a connecting link.

This method enables us to discover and change unnecessary thoughts and painful experiences from the past that influence our behavior and attitudes in the present. Our thoughts shape our reality and so we can safely conclude that our old thinking patterns guide our present life. The purpose is to discover these patterns that prevent us from going forward. If we can do it our life can be changed beyond recognition. Releasing breathing can be described as a tool that helps us to make conscious what is going on in our life subconsciously: thoughts that we keep repeating and options that we take due to our thoughts.

The idea is to offer people different methods with which to manage themselves and their lives in order to balance their emotions and find and hold buoyancy – thus no matter what happens in life, they are ready to take it wisely and calmly and solve complicated situation in a loving and constructive way.


Individual sessions


Rebirthing Breathwork can be learned through the guidance of a teacher who has received the appropriate training. One session usually lasts about 1.5-2 hours, out of which breathwork lasts about 1.5 hours. The rest of the time is spent in conversation in which the instructor shares teaching about breathing, explains raised questions and gives advice about the transition created bu the purification process and if necessary for continuing movement along a spiritual path. The fee for a breathing session varies with different teachers and it is always negotiable. It is suggested that about 10 sessions be taken. This number of sessions provides the practice whereby the breather acquires all the necessary knowledge and skills to continue independently.

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