About me

I am Director, Writer, Singer and Healer from Estonia. 

Throughout my life I’ve been involved in sports, music and to some extent the arts. I love to play tennis and have run two marathons, one in Greece and another one in Tibet. As a child I took cello lessons for five years and to this day I play the guitar and compose my own songs. Those are love songs about essential elements of life.


Twenty years ago I began my path of self-discovery. During this time I have engaged in many spiritual practices, and dedication to the Creator, through practical experience, has become the foundation for everything in my life. I have found that it is possible to experience a constant state of bliss only while being aware of your true self. 

Seven years ago I rediscovered my childhood dream - to inspire and uplift people through telling stories through the medium of film. It has become my greatest passion to date and I believe I will continue to make films for long time to come.

My goal is to write and direct thrilling and adventurous films with a strong spiritual message for worldwide audiences.

Los Angeles, California
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